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Barked: Fri Dec 19, '14 9:51am PST 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! wave

Running Devil
Barked: Fri Dec 19, '14 10:08am PST 
wavewavewavewavebig hug
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Sat Dec 20, '14 5:14am PST 
Go read 911 as mommy had a scare this morning at 1:00 posted it in the 911 thread.

Today is Angel Ducky Morkie Rainbow Bridge Crossing Anniversary

Happy Saturday

Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '14 3:31am PST 
Our neighbors were gone yesterday and mommy saw their huge black lab walking down the road she called his name Harley and he came to mommy so she took him and put him on our enclosed glass porch with a bowl of water to hold him till they get home. Well somehow during the night he pushed the latch and opened the glass door which I am glad he did not break any glasses or tear the bottom door apart to get out of the glass enclosed porch however not so lucky on the screened in part of the porch he jumped out the screen on the side door and somehow got out of our yard. I just hope he jumped the fence and did not dig a hole as I will have to check my fence line before Sabrina goes in the yard so she can't escape like him when it is daylight outside.

I took Sabrina out to walk her in the front yard at 5:30 thinking the black lab was still on the porch Sabrina started smelling and going nuts and barking and when I turned around the black lab was behind me outside in the front yard.

Well I went next door and took down the note that I left them telling them I had their dog on my enclosed back porch. I was not going to try and bring him in again for him to break windows or destroy something else. I just hope he hanges around his house and doesn't wander off as a neighbor told me there are two pit bulls running around and if two gang up on him I feel sorry for the dog. I stayed up till 11 pm waiting to see if the owners would come home so I could return their dog but here it is 6:30 am and they are still not home.

I hate to see a dog roaming to get hurt but I tried.

everyone have a great Sundaywave

Happy Sunday
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Mon Dec 22, '14 3:33am PST 
Well the black lab named Harley hung around in our neighbors driveway waiting for them to come home mommy told him to go lay on the porch so he won't get wet with all this rain. Then it thunder and lightning big time and mommy was really worried about Harley. She went out at 8 pm to give Harley some of our food as she did not want him going hungry for the second day she is sure it is not the amount he was used to eating. She offered him water but would not drink.

He would go from our neighbors yard to our front door scratching on it. He wanted it to have interaction with people and he likes Sabrina even when she jumped at him yesterday he did not go after her.

My heart aches for that black lab he is so loveable if the owners don't come home by noon I will look to see if their is a black lab rescue around here and contact them maybe his owners were in a wreck because usually when they go away for a weekend they have friends or family check in on Harley and feed him and I have never seen a car pull in their driveway because if they came around and saw him loose certainly they would get him back in his yard and fix the hole he got out of.

Anyway this morning at 5:45 this morning in the dark when I took Sabrina out to use the bathroom we went by the gate and he wasn't there he could have been on the porch and did not hear us to come walking over or maybe his parents came in late parked their truck in the driveway and took him in. Mommy will check when it is daylight see if he is still outside of the yard.
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