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Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '14 11:29am PST 
*picks up the key from under the mat*
I see Chadwick stopped by and recorded a few tunes..Pawsome playimg..Thanks..Hoping you are feeling comfortable...

Today I am going to call 1-800-CLEAN to do some spring cleaning...It is important to keep things spotlessly clean so we can make some spring brews and of course some chokky mousies for Easter...

White Boots will be delivering some organic chokky this week for us to use...
Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '14 11:23pm PST 
*Slowly walks over to the brewery and checks under the mat*
I see the key is right where Misu left it safe and sound...I think it is time to air out the brewery and maybe get the vats going again and some chokky mousies ready to take over to the communications center since Catster seems to be back up and running...It has been a long time...I hope I remember the codes and recipes...
*opens the windows and sets about getting organized while listening to a cd of Chadwick's pawsome piano tunes*
wavesmilehappy dance

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Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
Barked: Sat Sep 27, '14 12:07am PST 
*Tastes a sample out of the vat*
Yippee..We are back and running....
the first batch of fall ale is ready
*Heads over to the chokky room to check on the mousies*
The brewery is open and all are welcome to stop by...

Widdle- Gracie Nee'- GPC

I am a Mighty- Mighty Rattie- Gurl!!!!!!
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '14 12:12pm PST 
Widdle Gracie comes running in looking for her Unkie Midnight. We is here to help. Deli Doo comes in wiff her crate pulling harness on ready to work. What do you need us to do Unkie Midnight and Mr Blue.
Deli Doobers

I love My Sweet- Sammy Dawg
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '14 6:41pm PST 
Deli tells Widdle Gracie come on help mes get hooked to da cart so we can get some fire wood in and start a nice roaring fire so this place will be all toasty warm when Unkie Midnight and Mr Blue come back. Off the girls go wiff da cart and before you know it Deli Doo has built a nice roaring fire in da fire place and Gracie has made them Hot Chocky while they wait for there furiends.
Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
Barked: Mon Oct 27, '14 12:34pm PST 
Gracie Deli..OMC..I am so happy to see you both here...Glad you have a new catputer!!!YIPPEE...

What a beautiful roaring fire...I am going to warm my paws...I was out picking the best pumpkins for the next batch of ale..

Thanks for the hot chokky..It really hits the spot..Please join me around the fire before we start brewing the ale...

I hope White Boots and Nello bring us some more organic chokky so we can make more mousies and candy for the trick or treaters that will stop by...Of course there will be "Mistakes" to sample...

But first lets catch up on all that has been going on while Catster/Dogster was not cooperating with our social life..I am so thrilled to be back at the brewery..I hope Blue and Misu will be back soon to join us...

*Raises his cup and the furriends clink their hot cho9kky* Here's to good furriends...
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