Need some advice from someone who is EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED with Pit Bulls

Jade Tekla

Barked: Thu Jan 14, '10 2:28am PST 
We have a 5 month old Pitbull (Miss Jade)... sweetest pup I've ever met, gets along with every dog on the neighborhood block and at the dog beach.

My husband's coworker has a male pitbull (General) who is about a 1 1/2 years old...He is not neutered. He is not human aggressive at all.. if I barely grab his collar he whimpers like I shot him.

We have had General for about 3 days because his owners are in the middle of moving and they asked us to dog-sit. He and Jade got along fine for the first 10 hours and then all of a sudden he attacked Jade like he was going to kill her. He had her pinned to the ground and she was squalling like she was dieing.. but when I yelled his name and he ran off, she was physically okay-- just shook from being jumped on. I figured that they were establishing their pack positions, and he was telling her that she was just a puppy and he was over her... No big deal right?

I gave them each a toy and they were playing 'keep away' for an hour before General decided that he would rather come over to me for me to rub his head. I finally got tired of him laying his monsterous head on my wrist, so I told him to leave me alone. He went over and laid right beside Jade and was just looking at her. He scooted closer to her, and closer until their two heads were almost touching... and she continued to chew on the toy... next thing I know he pulls the same stunt her did before, only this time it lasts a little bit longer, and actually hovers over Jade so badly that she can't move at all.

This has happened 4 times now... and the last time I KNOW she wasn't doing anything because I was getting up from petting the both of them and she was stepping out of my way and he was laying to the side of me. It was so intense that I jumped on top of him and grabbed his choke collar until he calmed down completely while she ran to her kennel on the other side of the house and back screaming until she got behind me and dug her head into the back of my leg..

I am fearful that the next time is going to end in a bloody mess.. I know it probably sounds like I'm anticipating it, but I have let it go every time until now, and I'm just thinking about Jade's safety and my safety. I know grabbing his choke collar probably sounds extreme... but I am only 5'3 and 115lbs... General is atleast 65-70lbs... he can hurt me alot worse than I can hurt him... He has run head first into our brick fence and it didn't phase him....

Is he acting like this because he isn't neutered? Does he pose a threat to our safety or will this work itself out (w/o either dog or me getting hurt) ?

I really want to keep him for as long as needed... but I refuse to put myself or anyone else in danger. Any advice?