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Barked: Fri Jan 8, '10 10:45am PST 
The Humane Society was calling Blu a "Shepherd-mix", but we just got back his DNA results (from blood testing): He is Entelbucher and Alaskan Malamute! That's why his color is not the same as the Purebred Entelbucher dogs. He does have the same coat & build, though. I've only had one other dog who would stare you in the eyes for as long as you want -- he won't look away! Blu is very smart, I know I could teach him just about anything if I had the time...right now he will take a cue from one of our other five rescue dogs to copy (if food is involved)! His motto would apply if he was on the tv show South Park -- he'd be Carmine -- VERY DEMANDING!! We'd like to hear about other interesting Entelbucher traits.