Vote Extended Till Dec. 30th for the 2008 Dogsie Awards!

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Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 10:52am PST 
No need to fear guys! I am once again extending to date of voting to the 30th and I will annonce the winners that day or the day after (on the 31st)! I am very pleased with the turn out of votes and the support these Dogsie awards are getting! I can't wait till I annonce the nominees for the 2009 Dogsie awards! 2009 has been a promising year so far with some really touching and fun movies and shows. Since the Oscars are extending some of their categories to 10 nominess, the Dogsies may be following suit. It was hard to narrow down the field this year (although some fields were surprisingly hard to come up with even 5 nominess). BOL I may also be adding a few categories next year (yes, I know, that will make it even longer. BOL). Me and Angel are open to suggestions so if any of you dogs or cats (or rabbits for that matter) want to throw some new categories my way, I will be sure to consider them. Thank you all for joining my Dogsie group and for showing your support by voting. It really means a lot to me and Angel. Keep up the good work and be sure to tell your friends about this group! The more votes, the better!

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Vinnie My- Guardian- Angel

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Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 1:20am PST 
Hey Demon! Our pack loves your new group. It's going to be fun, we think. We're waiting to see the results of the first ever "Dogsie Awards"..BOL.
We think we can come up with some good suggestions about the voting, and the catagories, you and Angel might want to consider.
I think the catagories are pretty good- a little human-heavy, but there's just more movies and TV shows about THEM than US and other animals.... Yessiree, that's just the way it is.

We think it might be good if some of the members of the Dogsie group could "nominate" some of their favorite dog/non-dog/human characters, movies, T.V. shows, etc.
Then, we could vote on the ones to be included IN the catagory, narrowing it down to a few in each catagory.
Then: the nominees are..........etc., etc.

Maybe we could include a favorite OLDER movie or TV show?
I.E.: Snow Dogs, BABE, Chicken Run, K-9 (w/Jim Belushi).

As for animals in TV shows, there was Robert Blake's Cockatoo in "Baretta". Of course, there's "The new Adventures of Lassie", which they re-made for awhile in the 1990's. (NOT the original-too violent- before American Humane monitored all animal action.)

Anyway, I'm sure others can remember favorite animal actors from TV. The Dogsies would still be current and you've just added some more catagories. way to go

We're going to invite some friends to join, and hope others do, too!!
Keep up the good work. The Vinster, Sammy Four Paws, and Casey The Hungry.
Demon Flash- Bandit

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Barked: Mon Feb 8, '10 9:15pm PST 
Hey Vinnie, thank you for your input. I decided to increase the nominees this year to offer a wider range of movies and tv shows that can be voted on. Due to the fact that this group is still rather small (at only 20 dogs) and because a vast amount of the dogs picked different shows and movies in the 2008 award picks (and because people tend to forget things), I think for the moment, it would probably be best to stick with what I hope are universally liked film. BOL Even this year, there are a few nominees that I have not seen personally but I have heard very good things about and are fairly popular and loved (such is the case with the film "Up".) I go through EVERY film released in the year over and over again before I make my final picks on nominees. I do like your ideas about older dog films and dog actors get nominees. In fact, that is an idea I've been thinking about for a little while now but I haven't fully decided on how to go about it. I think I want to do a seperate award for older dog films so that there is something going on outside award season though. Great minds truely think alike Vinnie! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I haven't been on this group page in a little while and I just saw your response when I posted the 2009 Dogsie nominees. I am very greatful for your input and I hope you take the time to vote on your favorite films and actors. Thank you for your time and for being a friend Vinnie! way to go

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