Barked: Mon Dec 21, '09 4:21pm PST 
I'm having trouble walking my 4mo. She's fine when we're "going home", but I have to practically drag her to the park. Once she's at the park she loves it. I think she's just being stubborn, but any advice would be helpful.

Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 3:54pm PST 
Use a dog treat. Tease her with it. Everytime that you take the pup for the walk give her a command and stick with it. "Park", "Walk" etc. When you put the leash on the collar praise the pup and follow with the command. At first the pup will not get it, stick with it. When you arrive at the park or if you walk to the park from your home give the pup the treat in the park along with the command.