HELP!! :)

Saylor Jerri

is spoiled- rotten!
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 6:46pm PST 
I have a 2 month old puppy named Saylor. I bought her Eukanuba puppy food for lg breed dogs but she doesn't like it. Can anyone recommend a better brand to try? Not iams please, it makes her and my other boxers quite gassy smile lol!

Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 6:28am PST 
Hi Saylor!

We fed our English Bulldog puppy (he's now 2 yrs. old) Wellness puppy food.
What we did was add water to the food. Why? The food soaks up the water thereby expelling any extra air out of the food. It really helps in keeping the puppy from being so gassy.

mayor of- adorable
Barked: Wed Mar 9, '11 7:27am PST 
My 2 boxers loooove Wellness Core... And the infamous boxer room clearing gas is GONE! We tried tons of food. To be honest any food thats first ingrediant is a vegatable is really begging for the wall of stench its a bit pricey (I pay 60 a month.. But it feeds 2 boxers a shih tzu and a doxle)... But my vet absolutely loves how healthy they are! Shiny coat.. Clean teath.. Healthy energy.. And Desi actually talks to us when we arent feeding him fast enough... He will do his boxer talking until our visitors come over to look at his food as well... So I think that is a seal of approval!

Suesse- (zoosa)

Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 6:50am PST 
This is a little late of a response but I am new to this site. I have fed my Boxer Royal Canin. She loves it and is not gassy. You can get it at PetSmart or Petco. Good luck!!!