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Princess- Marley

Mrs. Nicco Bacan- Silvis
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 6:48pm PST 
Are you hungry for gossip? Do you like to know how the better half lives? Do you feel the need to see your fellow Celebz in compromising positions?
Look no further..
Palace Ragazine is on the scene!!
Watch out, you never know who will be caught in a compromising position!!!
There are two puparatzie about the palace and they are always looking for hot stories to write about.
Joanny Pugrivers and Scandalus Steve
So be careful or you may end up on the front page with a juicy story.
Disclaimer to Ragazine
This is for fun and the stories will be fiction please have fun with the thread.
If you have a hot story idea please pawmail Princess Marley so she can get the puparatzi to check it out.
see ya in the headlines...Thats a WRAP!

Edited by author Thu Dec 10, '09 7:05am PST

Little Pete

Born To Play !
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 7:13pm PST 
LP goes running by hoping that know one notice him eek
♦ Babs- ♦

Porky- Chop
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 8:01pm PST 
eek Babs puts on her sunglasses and pulls down her cap to cover her face, walks by quicklyshh


Love! Laugh!- DANCE!
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 9:47pm PST 
The ragazine is back!shock *is secretly smilingsmile* Pugrivers will be happy.laugh out loud
♥Whee- zer♥

It\\\\\\\'s all- about me
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 10:56pm PST 
Wheezy eyes grow big shock...Hurriedly ducks head and waddles quickly the other direction *whistle nonchalantly silenced
Joanny- "PUGrivers"

that's- a- wrap!!
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 7:02am PST 
Hello Spoiled PUGs.......I have so much fun here....I decided to have a Palace home! I will be attending the trip to Hong Kong and any weddings that might be in the mix!!!!

YES....................I found the good life here at SPoiled PUGS and I have my eyes on Jettson and Gigi......PAG and Little Pete and of one is safe! eekeekeekeekeekeekeekeek You either Minty! your name Minty cuz of your breath!!!!!!! hailhailhailhailbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

OK...kicks paws up.....I am home....

Her motto is
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 8:04am PST 
Joanny PugRivers, don't you think your new palace is a bit "showy?" I guess you have never heard of the word "understated" or "subtle"

[Piloux runs away quickly before the PugRivers gets anything on her]
Queen- Peaches of- Pupingham

I am honored
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 8:45am PST 
Miss PugRivers...

I hope shopping won't be tooo boring for you....nothing to report on there...we all good girls...

big grinlaugh out loud
Jettson- DuPaw

If it's in my- mouth it's- MINE!!!!
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 8:53am PST 
Tiptoes past Miss PugRivers and out the palace door. eek
Ms Gigi

Don't hate me- 'cause I'm- beautiful
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 9:25am PST 
Miss Gigi starts to faint, but Jett holds her up.

She whispers to Jett, "Do you think the King approved this?"
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