First Find


Barked: Mon Dec 7, '09 7:43am PST 
Nov 1 2009
At 11:30 I got the call from a police officer who was a friend requesting Tuck to find a little girl who disappeared this morning around 9am. (It was cold this morning) NOT from the Sheriff Dispatcher, as per protocol.

I showed up at the scene to find firemen combing a standing field of corn. I got right to work, scented Tuck on the little girl's personal article, and he struck off across a bare soybean field, instead of the corn field that everyone was searching. He entered a narrow strip of woods and then a small strip (about 300 yards wide) of CRP ground.

Tuck then exited the CRP ground, and went into another section of woods. He then went back into the CRP field, and made a loop, and came back into the woods.

He then ran into the little girls white schnauzer type dog. After we finally got someone to take control of the dog, Tuck resumed tracking, exited the woods, and went across a large grassy field. Over the hill, in the grassy field, was the little girl.

Not hurt, a little scared, definitely lost. Tuck was out 18 minutes. Found child. Not in any danger. Everyone was looking for the little girl, just not where she was or could hear them calling.
Including drive time, I was back home again at 2pm. Dog is now bathed, with all the accumulated burrs taken out and his Search gear cleaned, put away and water restocked for another day. Hopefully never to be needed again for anything other than training.

Tuck had his first find. We've trained and trained for YEARS, and it finally paid off.

BTW, I used the new biothane line that I just bought, that was never supposed to tangle. Trust me, they DO. But in the cover we were in, I would have had to remove the line entirely, had we been using conventional tracking lines. I give the biothane lines a THUMBS UP.