What do you think about when choosing a vaccum for your home and pet?

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The dog of all- dogs
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 2:23pm PST 
Hey it's Sherpa,

Woof to me about what's important to you about picking a vacuum.

Woof alot
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 5:53pm PST 
Good question!


Power, reliability, suction, filtration, ease of use.

And Mommy also likes something that is nice looking on the outside but the ones above are the most important.

Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 6:12pm PST 
I'd love to take advantage of this Dyson coupon offer that everyone seems to be posting about.

How do I partake?


Barked: Sun Nov 22, '09 3:37pm PST 
Woof WooF!

Tipper-aka- Lots 'o- Spots
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 5:46am PST 
Power, suction, ease of use (including emptying it and changing the filter), portability, ability to get into those tight spaces (the areas between the chair cushions and the actual chair). way to go

Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 2:29pm PST 
My dad was wondering about the dyson promotion, when he joined the group he didnt see any promotion code

Japanese Bobtail
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 6:54am PST 
The promotion codes come via email..
its 45% off your purchase of an Awesome Dyson..

When we look for a vacuum we want GOOD suction...
something that will suck the paint off the walls, something that will suck the tiles off the floors, but something that wont suck my cat up the hose... aahahahhahahahahha
Jiro - CGC

Hello I am Jiro- & I am Happy to- be here!
Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 10:17am PST 
Good suction and ease of use are big factors! Me and my brofur shead like there's no tomorrow. laugh out loud
pretty girl

Barked: Sun Nov 29, '09 11:15am PST 
just joint today, can I still get coupon code for Dyson?

Love to all my- dear friends
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 9:17am PST 
These are the things we consider when getting a vacuum:

-how powerful the suction is
-how easily it is to maintain the machine to keep the suction at 100%
-how much maintance in general it takes to keep the machine working optimally
-how easy it is to use----do the attachments go on and off easily, it is easy to empty, if it has a filter is it easy to clean
-are thre parts that will need to be replaced often--belts, filters, hoses
-is the machine heavy or difficult to manuever
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