Infamous Greyhound a long time human friend...

Kaya Wilson

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Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 8:16am PST 
It is 331 BC. Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, has gotten himself into big trouble. During a battle with the Persians, his enthusiasm to lead his troops has drawn him so far forward that he finds himself deep within enemy lines and fighting for his life. To add to his problems, he now finds a huge war elephant bearing down on him, crushing soldiers beneath its feet at every stride as it charges. With enemy troops pressing him on all sides, Alexander can do little to avoid its attack.

Without hesitation, one of Alexander’s friends hurls himself at the elephant, wounding it so that its rider loses control and causing the big beast to rear and turn, thus creating a hole in the lines through which the king escapes. The friend, however, does not survive.

In the battle’s aftermath, Alexander orders a state funeral for his friend and, in gratitude, names a city after him: Peritas, his brave and loyal Greyhound.

The tall elegant hounds with incredible speed and big hearts have been capturing human affections for longer than just about any other breed of dog. References to Greyhounds in art and literature date back thousands of years, including a mention in the Bible. From Greek gods to Egyptian nobles, everyone wanted their picture painted with a sleek Greyhound at their side.

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