We had a a sustainable house assessment!


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Hi guys! At Mummy's work she's taking part in a programme called Living Smart, and it's all about reducing our footprint on the planet.


It's a very interesting programme and we've received quite a few freebies by being part of it. So far we've been given four of those newfangled lightbulbs, a thermometer (that also tells you what are the most environmentally friendly temps to have your fridge and house at) a Living Smart backpack AND a compass for house orientation.

Anyway we volunteered for a consultant to come out and have a look at our house and how we do things to reduce our greenhouse emissions etc. The lady said we're doing GREAT with our electricity. We also have insulation which helps in the hottest/coldest weather, although our living room window (a large window) faces west, and in summer that room is like an oven. So she suggested we could ask the owner to install a roll-up shade cloth to cool the room down in summer so we don't have to use so much aircon.

At work everyone is being asked to turn their comps off at the wall, as even with the monitor and tower off, there's still a current coming through the outlet, so they're encouraging everyone to turn off at the wall. Mummy can't do that cos her computer plug outlet is right under her desk and as she has advanced osteoarthritis in her knees, it's an OH&S issue for her.

But we're trying so hard at home to do better! In several months they're going to come back and check and see how we're going. We think it's a GREAT idea!!! cheercheercheer
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You are invited to see our earth friendly, solar, underground home on my dogster page. We try!