Duke Did IT Again!


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 11:58am PST 
Howdy Y'all,
I am always gettin' into mischief! Whether it be gettin' into a brawl with a garter snake, counter surfin' or huntin' critters!

Yesterday, Pops came into the computer room to see me on top of the computer desk looking out the window 6 feet off the ground. The window looks out toward the backyard.

I thought maybe somebody would wanna come in that way and I'd be ready for them.

Well, Pops caught me on his computer desk with his precious keyboard and mouse hanging off the crowded and messy desk with the Dukester nestled close to the monitor pushing it ever closer to its destruction.

Pops took action.

He yelled at me and got me off of the desk and took me collar in fist to my crate. It was a sad night for the Dukester. I understand the meaning of Howl-o-ween now ‘cause I was a-barkin' and a wailin' to the sound of fun above me.

Pops took me outta the crate at 8 or 9pm when Momma was already at work. I have been whining ever since. Nobody came to my house after I came outta the crate even though I didn't be bad no more that night.

Any Cool Duke stories out there you'd like to add?
blue dog

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Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 2:35pm PST 
I got jealous of Saphira's decorating stories so I decided to try some myself.

Here is a picture of My Handy Work

What do you think? Not quite up to Saphira's technique but not bad for a first try.

::Takes Step back to admire handy work::

hailNot bad at all if I do say so myself.wink

Dad says I'm on a Roll. He must be proud!way to go
-The Dukester

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 2:00pm PST 
Momma left Ruby and me relaxin' in the car when a female Golden was let out into someone's yard. I couldn't let this pretty gal go one more minute without meetin' the Dukester.

Momma left the windows open a little more than a crack. I think I can make it. I start squeezin' my 110lb body out the little escorts window. But as you know when you try to squeeze a large thing outta smaller thing there are gonna be some casualties. BOL

I start pullin’ with my large paws from the front. Naturally I use the Right side Mirror for leverage. That works for a bit and then --SNAP-- Dang It! No more Mirror. I am still only half way out this here car window so I decide to kick off whatever is near my hind legs. First the chairs then the Rear view Mirror then I am three quarters the way out and my front half is inches from the ground. I brace my hind legs to kick off the right vanity mirror ripping the seam wide open and last but not least I kick off the rubber holding the door window in place and that falls into the car and .... Free at last.

I introduce myself to the Golden Retriever and then Momma comes out the door and there I am with my best and biggest Southern Charm Smile on. She asks, "How did you get your Jumbo size body out that window?"
She get's me back in the car and we start backing outta the driveway when Momma checks her mirrors starting with the right one. She pauses.
She looks for a few seconds too long as if to say, "Something’s missing here."
Then she looks out the front windshield and sees the broken Mirror on the driveway.
She drives back and picks it up.
Momma places it in the passenger’s seat.
Then she gets back in the car and starts driving home.
We got home and Momma surveyed the damage. BAD!
It's way worse than it sounds. Trust me I did it --BOL
If you want you can read the whole account in my diary!