Mountaineers APBT Club Presents an APBA Show!

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Mountaineer APBT Club Presents an APBA Show November 1st in Taylorsville, NC.

Location: Ellendale Park Ln, Taylorsville, NC

We will be having two shows, a treadmill race, a Best of Show, and some fun Shows!

It is the day after the ADBA show in Taylorsville, and is only 10 minutes down the road. So, Stay in town, and catch the APBA show!

Registration to the APBA is free if you show a dog!

There is, also, a Spay/Neutered Conformation class, in which, your S/N dog can get some conformation points! So, Come show off those S/N dogs!

Schedule of Events:

1. Show #1
2. Treadmill Race
3. Fun Show
4. Treadmill Race
5. Show #2
6. Best of all Shows

Fun Show Categories:
Best Red Nose, Best Black, Best Brindle, Best Buckskin, Best Blue, Best White (must be at least 50% white, This is also a NEW Category), Best Bully, Junior Handler, and Judge's Choice!

Registration 8:00-9:30 for show 1
(show will begin at 10:15 am)

Registration for second show will
close at 11:00 ( second show will
begin after fun show)

Entry fees are $10 for sanctioned
classes and $5 for fun classes


1. Josephine Talamage from Florida

2. Kimberly Thompson from Wilmington, NC

3. J.K. Deal - he will be judging the fun shows, and the best of show.

If your dog is registered with the ADBA, AADR, or UKC, then you can register your dog with the APBA.
Also, if your dog is Spayed/neutered, then you can registered with the APBA without papers.

For Additional Info. Contact Beth @ 336-977-8387