Dogster meet-up..Ontario ((2010))

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Who- Me????
Barked: Sun Jun 6, '10 2:33pm PST 
Will...the only Peace Bridge I know of is in Niagara. From there it would probably be bout a 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive ta Milton. I sure would luv ta sniff ya wink

Natcho...tho it would be nice ta see ya on yur barkday, it's also momma's grand-daughter's birthday that day. She has ta be around home then cuz they're all goin ta the Toronto zoo fur Emmy's special day

Run. Play. Love.
Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 5:48am PST 
Hey everyone,

I'm in for this meeting. We're flexible and will do our best to make it whatever weekend is selected.

Is anyone planning on going to Woofstock this Saturday? I think I had read somewhere else that Natcho and Vivace might be. It looks like we might be going as well. Still not for sure, but I'd like to.

Vivace, it will take you about 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get to Milton from Welland.

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 8:59pm PST 
Bad news. Doesn't look like I'm making it to Woofstock this weekend. There is a huge festival happening here and my younger kids have been bugging me to take them for the kids day. Plus on Sunday two of my three kids are in a parade, and after that we have a family event that we have to go to. It is just a crazy weekend here.

Good news is I might be able to make the meet up in Milton. As long as Vivace isn't going to a show then we should be able to come.

Is there a play area for kids there? I may have to bring my kids with me. Two are older but one is only 7. I know he is good with all dogs, even reactive ones. But I would like to keep him out of the dog play area if possible. He is good with all dogs and is use to being knocked off his feet by rampaging dogs. But still not sure how others would feel about having a young child in that area. I will have help with me so keeping an eye on him and Vivace is not an issue.

Will... Yep I live close to the Buffalo Peace Bridge.

And yes it should only be about an hour and a half for me to get to Milton. Not too far, but some days it is to long of a drive for me if I am in pain.

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Will- (Wilhelm)

Notorious D O G
Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 6:19pm PST 
Mollie that what I thought.. but I did not reaize Vivace was so close... yeah TO is only an hour and half if the bridge is clear sailing! Milton should be no further. In the old days Mom and Dad could do TO in and hour and half no problem....sigh....

Please keep us posted.. if it is in the middle of the week or a Sunday we can maybe make it ..if some of my peeps get, their licenses or passports....slackers.

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 9:24pm PST 
Will you are close to me. Only about an hour! I know today it took us more than an hour and half to get to Woofstock. But that was because my aunt made a goof and took a detour in Toronto.

I was- BORN To- RUN
Barked: Sun Jun 13, '10 6:00am PST 
I have to hit Woofstock one of these days but I won't bring the dogs and hate driving in TO.

Drake would LOVE a seven year old boy. I have friends who bring their kids over and Drake loves wrassling with the boys. Spike loves kids too and he is so gentle with them.

*Texas Tugger* - :o}~~~~~~~{o:
Barked: Tue Jun 15, '10 8:23am PST 
Well we won't be making it. Mama is flying home this weekend and daddy should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Looks like we may have to just plan a Southern USA meetup. Texas is right in the middle. laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Y'all have lots of fun when you do get this meetup going!!!

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 6:34am PST 
What is the date for the meet up? We just got our van on Friday so I now have wheels!!!!! Even my bf said he would come with us and we would make a day of it.

Vivy has a huge dock diving show she is going to be at July 9. I'm not sure if my sister is leaving the week before this or for that show and staying a week. One of her dogs has a conformation show either the weekend before or after that date. So they are not coming home until after that show. (Vivy is only doing dock diving not conformation)
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