Hello? Is any newfie out there?


I wuvs- everybody!
Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 7:43pm PST 
Just wanted to find out, if any Newfies ever come on here? We are new to the newfie world (well about 4.5 months into it) and are just loving it! Shoulda got a Newf along time ago!!!wavewave

Minus-Ten C. - Just about- right!
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 2:18pm PST 
Just signed up our three (two Newfies and an Aussie blue heeler) yesterday, and thought that, since less than 2 months old is apparently a -recent- posting on this site, I'd risk saying "Howdy!" to you here.


Yes, there are Newfoundlands and their humans hither and yon. Very -quiet- ones, it seems, but they're apparently extant in this space-time continuum.