Temecula Cop Kills Show Champion


Barked: Mon Oct 5, '09 6:04am PST 
Sept 11 2009
Officer Kuhn has taken it upon himself to invade private property where he had no offical business being, he was not dispatched to the location.

Officer Kuhn took it upon himself to open fire with FIVE ROUNDS, three which struck and killed a champion show dog that was not showing any signs of aggression. This was an act of rage and an overkill.

The dog was under total control and supervision of her owner.

Officer Kuhn's defense will be that he felt his life was in danger, I'm sure. That is his easy way out.

TRUTH Is that officer Kuhn is an unstable police officer that murdered a prized show dog which was well socialized with people but more importantly she was a beloved family member.

Where is the media in a situation such as this, a Pit Bull Attack.. Media frenzy. Where is it?