My 6 1/2 yo Great Dane has balance issues?


Barked: Sat Sep 26, '09 1:01pm PST 
I need a little advise. My 6 1/2 yo Great Dane has all of a sudden had problems keeping his balance. I do not know if this is the right forum for this but if anyone has any suggestions on what it may be or if it is treatable I would appreciate the advise.

I am taking him to the vet on monday but would love to hear from anyone who has dealt with this before ?

Thank You
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Barked: Wed May 19, '10 10:38am PST 
I have had a Dane that did not have balance issues but her back legs were dragging. The vet recommended vitamin E. My Dane Esther pasted away from bloat. The vitamin seemed to help her back legs.