My first interview


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Barked: Sat Sep 26, '09 12:26am PST 
I think anyone with a mixed breed and/or rescue can especially related to this story. So, I'm plugging my first interview on my blog. Plug!

It's with Maj. Brian Dennis who is the Marine who adopted a dog, Nubs, in Iraq who had had his ears cut off. This is the dog that tracked Maj. Dennis' squadron 70 miles through open desert over two days when they'd moved to a new location. Dennis arranged to have Nubs sent to the US where he's now living the good life. Neat story.

I recently got to interview Maj. Dennis before he got back to the US from another tour in Iraq, so he hasn't been in the media yet for the new book he co-wrote. Pretty cool!

Here's a recap of the story.

And here's the interview. ubs-human-major-brian-dennis/

If you think someone might be interested, please pass on the link.

Thank you!