State Fair!!

Ursa Blue

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Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 6:55pm PST 
State fair was this weekend.... Ursa did pretty well.....

In Showmanship she got a 98.5/100 and an award of merit but didn't place frown . (There were over 20 kids.) The reserve had a 99 and the champ had a perfect 100, both were my friends so I was happy. She lost a point on her teeth... even after two mom who were a vet and a groomer telling me her teeth looked fantastic for a 9 year old. The a half a point on the question "Name two types of club meetings." The answer was project and business, but I could only remember project. Ah well, I learned my lesson... always groom, groom, groom. As my leader said, "They're like free points."

In Open JWW, we got grand champion with a 95. I was a little too trusting of her weave training so she missed the entry, but it was a hard course for most people, so we still won.

In Open Standard, I was the only intermediate so obviously I won grand champion. I hadn't practiced the A-Frame in a while so we lost 5 pts with a run-by. Other than that though I was very proud of her.

I didn't qualify in OB because of the stupid stress-diarrhea that Ursa seems to get it the obedience ring... ah well.

In dog bowl, our team won! There was so pretty tough competition but we made a great team! One of the girl's dad treated us to ice cream... it was yummy.

So when is your guy's state fair??? Good Luck!!

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Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 5:26am PST 
5 days until my state fair! eek Sounds like you did awesome!!!! cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer
Cotton JJ-N

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Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 5:43am PST 
Yay! Great job!

This was Cotton and I's first state fair, we had to qualify to move up to the classes that allow you to qualify for the state fair (no on-lead obedience and agility)

We got our first leg toward our U-AGI title with 200/200.(the UKC people were there, letting us temporary register our dogs for free and we could sign up for their Total Junior Program) Course time was 86 seconds, our time was 73. We were in the Top Five finalists and overall placed Reserve out of the AG-I class! I'm so proud of Cotton. The other perfect score dog was an australian shepherd, faster time so she placed above us.

Ursa Blue

A tennis ball is- blessed
Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 2:48pm PST 
Hey good job!!! I remember I got a clean run last year but this border collie beat me by a second. It's was nice not having so much competition at the higher levels. That's cool that the UKC lets you earn titles while competing in 4-H... UKC is so foreign to me, there is like one show a year (as far as I know) around here. Good luck Mya!!

Oh and I forgot our times..
In jumpers we got 49s (70s standard course time) which was pretty good considering I rear crossed a little too late.
In standard I think they measured and calculated wrong because even the fastest dogs just barely made it. I think it was like 57s and we got .7 s over (luckily however they round down.)

Awesome job and good luck to all!
Cotton JJ-N

Smart on the- course
Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 3:19pm PST 
Yeah, UKC reps came last year and saw that Kansas 4-h was so much like UKC (the head of the 4-h state was somehow involved in UKC, so our dog project was modeled after UKC) so they decided to allow our qualifying runs to get obedience and agility titles, plus we can get Total Junior points.
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Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 5:36pm PST 
wow that sounds like fun!! Good Job!! Here in my area we dont get to compete in the State Fair.

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Barked: Sun Sep 27, '09 1:15pm PST 
My state fair was AWESOME!!!! It was my first time - check out the agility/sports forum for more info.

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Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 5:35am PST 
That's grrrreat!

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