New to the group. My first Rottie Pup! YAY!

Luna Girl

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Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 8:48pm PST 
Hi... I recently got my first rott pup 2 weeks ago. Boy is she a BLAST! I am an animal behavior specialist and Rotts have long been on my list of breeds to own in my lifetime and now it's happened! Just thought I'd shout ot to the group... can't wait to see more posts and hopefully help where I can. cheer
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Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 9:14pm PST 
Hi there cute lil Luna Girl! Welcome! wavewavecheercheercheercheercheercheer

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Barked: Wed Oct 7, '09 4:52am PST 
Aw, she is so cute and fuzzy! I remember when Odin was that small. Doesn't last too long though. I wish I could stick his big butt in a time machine so he could be a little teddy bear again and I could actually pick him up still!


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Barked: Sun Oct 11, '09 5:28pm PST 
Welcome hug ! You are so adorable! I can't wait to watch you grow. You picked a awesome beauty! Just one piece of advise. (Buy pet insurance)! We had pet insurance for the longest time, my husband canceled it in May & than ..................poor chip got hit with this unknown sickness. The vet's are closing in,on it. Thank God! it's going to be a bit costly, if we still had the insurance it would of helped us with the cost. Much success with the new pup! Huhs & MWAH!!! The Chipster

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Barked: Wed Jan 13, '10 2:32pm PST 
WOW..long time no post. I'll bet that pupper has grown a whole lot in the past couple of months since the first posting.

We'd love to see updated photos!

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