Titles/Stories In the Issue


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Barked: Thu Sep 10, '09 3:15pm PST 
The title fur magazine issues isn't always the magazine's name! Most magazines have the name, then a main topic/title listed on the front cover. What would yours be? The MAIN idea, the title. If you want, you could add a story!

Also, think of your own magazine! Maybe come up with a completely new mag! That would be pawsome! Share your ideas here!

Mine might be about how breeds (especially Poodles) are misjudges and given a reputation of something else.

Fur example, Pit Bulls are normally thought of as growling dogs roaming the alleys in the junkyard. They can be GREAT dogs if trained well.

Poodles are always thought of as sissy purse dogs. I say NO! I'll say more later, but g2g! Come up with your own ideas!

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