Callin' all Dukes!


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sun Sep 6, '09 10:31am PST 
waveHey all you Dukes out there!
I just got a new guestbook on my page blue dog
Come check it out and sign in. I thought it would be cool to have a million Dukes signed in my 9
Come by and make my dream a reality!way to go

Anyone else got one?

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Barked: Sat Oct 3, '09 9:18pm PST 
Nope I don't have one, but i'll sign yours.

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 9:38am PST 
I, Duke, have given in and am now entered into the 2009 World's Coolest Dog/Cat Contest. This is the 5th Annual Show.
You'll find me under these catagories:

Category: Water Dog
We love Fishing with the family!

Category: Ball or Frisbee Player
I'd rather catch Stuffies any day of the year.

Category: Best Friends
Me & My Gal-panion, Ruby

Category: Sleeper

Category: Jumper
Jump...Pffft...I hire dogs to jump for me--BOL

Category: Car Dog
I Wanna GO FAST!

Category: Naughtiest Dog
Yes this is real! Duke Boy likes to open the fridge while we are not looking and pull all the beer out of the fridge! I'm sure he'd have a party behind our backs if he'd only learn to twist open the beer and dial his pals phone numbers.

Category: Craziest Tail
What! I had an itch. How was I supposed to know Momma would take a picture at that exact instance?

Category: Smiles and Grins
I am always happy but have you ever seen three of the happiest dogs, with the best smiles, all posing together in one photo?

Category: Sports Fan
I'm a country dog. My favorite sport is the Tractor Pull! I support the Green & Yellow all the way!

Category: Purse Dog
Murse...Man Bag...Whatever you're callin' it I still ain't wearin' it.

More Soon to come!

Come enter/vote HERE! You win prizes just for voting so why not!!!


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 11:42am PST 
Thanks for Signing my Guestbook, Duke. You are the first Duke to do so!