Pulling - anyone have success with it?


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Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 3:15am PST 
Don't get me wrong - I usually meander right along my ma's right side, and my sister takes the left (smartie pants does a true heel, bein' a border collie mix and all), but sometimes, I show ma where I want to go with a good strong pull.

Then I hunker my head and shoulders down, in a crouch, to hold firm to the sidewalk. I make like a 105 lb. statue of a stalking lion.

Then I hope for the best and ya know what? Sometimes it works! You never know. Always worth a try, I say.

Why? Well, of course I can tell who's gone that way, or maybe I want to go check out Bill's house (my teacher's husband gives me treats like a pez dispenser), or sometimes I'll want to head out toward Urbanimal, where I get my food from, or over to Modie's house (the Rottie I've got a crush on), or back to the dog park on a nice day.

I smell the squirrels when I cross their little paths (usually awhile after Agnes actually SEES the squirrels). I can find the piece of baloney sandwich the high schooler threw in the bushes. And I follow the trails of Dogs I Know.

Sometimes I even lead our walks! So, overall, I find pulling can be a good strategy, with intermittent rewards.

Has anyone else had good results with pulling?

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Big Lu

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Barked: Thu Sep 10, '09 2:32am PST 
When I walk Buster and my Beagle Its like flyin two kites at the same time. We set off car alarms and every dog within miles of us start barking and Baying. Its like our little own Hound parrade. I always get the Who's walking who line. I dont mind the pulling its a work out for me as well. And we all take a good nap after. Buster always has his nose down and 4wheel drive locked in. He does walk nice when he is tired. A shoulder harness for both dogs keeps them from choking when on a leash
Lady Bird

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Barked: Thu Sep 10, '09 12:20pm PST 
Birdie Saw A Lizard In The Desert One Time And Caught Me Off Guard.....She Pulled Me Down To The Ground.....I Thought She Was Going To Drag Me Through The Cactus....Ha Ha...


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Barked: Sun Oct 4, '09 4:49am PST 
LuLu, I always pull a little when we first start walking but I settle down good. I wear a chain collar, not because I pull all the time, but because Mom knows that if I decided to GO all of a sudden that I would. It's more for my protection than anything. I have a harness that I wear in the truck because it has a seat belt loop on it but Mom doesn't use it to control me. Her Bloodhound book said that a harness actually encourages a Bloodhound to pull. It also comes in handy at the Vet office if I decide to plant my feet and not go into the examining office. Mom holds the leash and the Vet tech holds the seat belt loop. I can't get much traction with somebody holding me up with the harness. smile

We went to 'Bark in the Park' day yesterday and I started out pulling some. Mom got the old "who's pulling who" comment by a vendor. By the time we walked the mile around the lake I settled down. I walked on a loose leash the rest of the time. I think we are natural pullers but we can get better with practice. I use to jump up on her too but I don't do that anymore either.

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