Hello to you all!


I'z cute! Give- me attention!!!
Barked: Sun Aug 30, '09 6:16am PST 
My name is Desoto and I'm a 3 month old Doberman! I recently came to live my human mommy and daddy a few weeks ago and I love it here.

Mommy wants to become a breeder of Dobermans because we're her favorite breed, but first she has to learn more about us so she can better the breed and not make it worse. She even plans on showing us. It'll be a long time before that happens though, so mommy won't be able to do these things with me I don't think. Guess I'm just her lap baby forever. =D

My favorite things to do are playing with my stuffed puppy, taking my cat brother's toys away from him, chewing on Oly, gnawing on mommy and daddy, and playing with Rayne.

I'm currently sick with hookworms, but mommy and daddy got me some meds from the vet to make me better again. Please pray for me though because the vet said I might not make it through the meds. Mommy's worried about that, but I feel like nothing can stop me especially some tiny creatures inside me!