Help mommy has to use a walker.


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I was so happy to find this group. I am the mom of Tramp and Chugs. I am disabled, I have been using a cane. Chugs does a pretty good job walking by my side. Tramp pulls the leash no matter how many times I snap the leash. When they see other dogs and people the both pull on their leashes. Four weeks ago I had to start using a walker. Any and all training tips you can pass on to me would be great. I managed to get them through puppy training a year ago. They have lost everything they have been taught but sit and come. I can get them to sit at the door before going out and coming in. My goal is to get them to become good K-9 citizens and then Therapy dogs.
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I'd go with (if you're desperate and can't do anything else) the Gentle Leader. When a dog pulls it brings their head back because it's like a harness on the dog's head so it feels uncomfortable on the dog. It works well if you don't have the time to train.

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Thank you so very much. It is not that I don't have the time to train them. I am home most days all day. The problem is financial, physical and not being able to do both at one time. I think if I get one for Tramp then Chugs will be ok . Tramp seems to be the one that starts every thing.
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I actually reccomend the gentle leader, and I helped Annie learn about it a little. Just kinda.
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Hee hee!

I knew about it from It's Me or the Dog but never needed to use it so didn't look into it till you came along. smile
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You definitely need some work on heel, but I thought you might be interested in this group also, as it's task training for service dogs. Walking with a walker (or other adaptive equipment) would definitely fall into that category. gs-16989
Have you looked into different trainers in your area yet? One of the things you can do also is to turn away from the distraction and go away from it, working slowly until you can walk closer to it. I know the head halters were mentioned (halti or gentle leader), which you don't offer a traditional leash correction, as the dog goes too far it automatically gets turned around.
Also, as for training, don't let anyone say you can't do it due to a disability. There is a book called teamwork by Stewart Nordensson and Lydia Kelley on training. Stewart was (deceased now) severely impaired and they explain how to train step by step including ideas for other ways to do things when the traditional doesn't work. The big motto...slow is fast.

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