Bastyr U. Course Offering: Homeopathy for Cats and Dogs

Aina- Aloysius de- LeMaitre

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 10:01am PST 
For those of you fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of Bastyr University, consider one of their very pertinent Continuing Education course offerings, "Homeopathy for Cats and Dogs" presented by Dr. Jackie Obando. This course is open to the general public.

Course description:
Would you like to explore a natural healing technique for your dog or cat? Homeopathy is an effective treatment to supplement traditional veterinary care. Learn the definitions of illness, cure, palliation and suppression and apply these principles to animal physiology, pathology and behavior. Determine when to seek veterinary help, how to administer homeopathic remedies to animals, and properly monitor a response to therapy. We’ll discuss treatments for acute illness (diarrhea, fever, physical trauma, grief, shock, coughing, insect stings and abscesses), as well as care for chronic symptoms (vomiting/diarrhea, skin diseases, cystitis, vaccine reactions, seizures and cancer). We’ll also touch upon homeopathic prescribing for end of life care.

And as for Dr. Obando, I find her to be an energetic and enthusiastic vet passionate about animal care. We love her and all the staff at her clinic! I have no affiliation with the clinic or the university other than Aina being a client at the clinic and me being a continuing education student at Bastyr.

Dr. Obando's bio: Jacqueline S. Obando, DVM, founded MercyVet with the goal of providing the gentlest healthcare possible for our canine and feline companions. In addition to practicing classical homeopathy and chiropractic, Dr. Obando offers high quality veterinary medicine while coordinating diagnostics, surgeries and intensive care with area specialists.

Dr. Obando was born and raised in Brazil, where she graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Veterinary School in 1983. After working for a few years in a mixed animal practice, she traveled to Europe to further her studies in homeopathy, and returned to the U.S. to continue practicing in New York City. She moved to Mercer Island 1996 and opened MercyVet in 2000. Her life's passion has always been to heal our dog and cat friends. She keeps current with state of the art traditional veterinary techniques, as well as alternative treatment modalities of homeopathy, chiropractic and nutrition/nutraceuticals.

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