Cuteness wins- 'em over EVERY- time!
Barked: Mon Aug 24, '09 12:21pm PST 
HI! We're new to the group and we just wanted to tell you that, when our meowm had something called a "divorce" and a "forced move" she had to move here, where there's a "quota" on family size! This broke her heart. But anyway. She had to get some of our brofurs and sisfurs safety, quick. She knew people who knew people, and long story longer, she got those of us who couldn't come here to safety, but they had to be airlifted there! So, she sprayed FELIWAY in their carriers before the long, LONG drive to the airport and the international flight. Every one arrived safely, and they didn't make a peep during the journey! Meowm thanks FELIWAY for this miracle. cheer