Dog Control Bill in UK--Something to chew over

Ruby Dust

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Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 6:39am PST 
In the UK there is a legislation change replacing the Dangerous Dogs Act with the new Dog Control Bill.

Lord Redesdale commented, "...the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was a reaction to high profile attacks and partly thanks to this, irresponsible dog owners now pick bull breeds as some sort of status symbol, breeding them to be tough and leading to animal welfare concerns.
Claire Robinson, the RSPCA’s Government Relations Manager, said:
“The RSPCA is delighted at the introduction of the Dog Control Bill by Lord Redesdale in the House of Lords. The Society has long stated that the Dangerous Dogs Act is flawed because it penalises dogs for their breed, rather than the deed of the owner.
'The Dog Control Bill instead places the emphasis on owners being responsible for their dogs - whatever the breed - in public and private places. For this reason the RSPCA has given its support to the principles of the Bill. The cross-party support the reading of the Bill received clearly shows there is widespread belief it is time the Government took another look at the current dog legislation and we believe the Dog Control Bill is a major step towards this.'"

The attention needs to be converted from wiping out the specific breeds frowned on by the media with the institute of BSL and focused on making owners take responsibility for their dogs. There needs to be better programming and harsher regulations for irresponsible human owners. The United Kingdom has recently noticed the mistake it made and is taking steps to correct it.
Hopefully we soon see this kind of swing in legislation pass in the United States Government.

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