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Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 5:20am PST 
Hi all!

our mom is new to great dane's and eating habit's and what is best.. So she has been feeding us purina puppy large breed formula..She isnt sure if we need something else.The vet saod we were growing perfectly but mom say's she has heard alot of diffrent things from other dane mom's and dad's so in a nice way could you exsplain what food you feed your kids and why!
Princess lady bug Just turned 4 month's and weigh's 40 pounds there is no indention yet between her ribs. Yet as sampson grow's she notices right before a growth spirt his ribs get full looking,Only to be a few inche's taller and a littel more ribs showing about 2 weeks later.. Mom free feeds us because she doesnt want us to get to the bowl so hungry that we enhale the whole bowl in minute's and end up with bloat because we eat to fast... Our food is elevated. And because we live in georgia we drink from a 5 gallon bucket of water freshly filled daily in the morning's before it get's hot! Being a new mom and all could you give her some help???
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Hi! Welcome to Dane-hood!

Grandma feeds us Iams large breed, but she mixes it with purina large breed cuz we think purina is tastier than Iams. You really shouldn't be fed free choice at all. Danes, as well as other large and giant breeds, get nutritional growth problems like Pano, OCD, HOD, etc. These all come from too much nutrition making us grow too fast. Pano is the least horrendous in that it is self limiting. OCD can require surgery. HOD can be pretty serious. All cause a lot of pain!! We're also prone to Bloat, so make sure you are fed multiple meals instead of just 1. And most importantly, make sure you have quiet time for at least a half hour to an hour after eating ALWAYS, even when you're all grown up. In large breed growing puppies, a little ribb-y is always better than a little chubby. follow amounts on the bag, or just under. When in doubt, ask your vet or your breeder (assuming you came from a good breeder) for an appropriate feeding rate. If you wanna know more about Pano, OCD, HOD, and bloat as well as all things dane, check out,,, and Good luck!
Princess- Lady Bug

Where's my- kids?I want to- play!
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Thank YOu Scarlet!

Woof and Waggs!

That helps mom out a lot!!! We go to a vet but our doggy mommy and daddy were house pets and my borthers parents were house pets also.. Mom knows a breeder or 2 and will ask!!!! Thanks for the advice mom doesnt want us to get sick!


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It has been my daddy's experience that a more premium food is far better than those you may find at a grocery store. I get fed Wellness Super5 just for puppy. My coat is very smooth and my black spots shine brightly. I am nearly four months and i weigh 50+ pounds. The reason he chose Wellness was the ingredient list. Its all good stuff with just minimal grains. I found that I don't eat as much quantity, because the quality of the food is much better. One of his friends has a great dane that is nearly seven months and she feeds him eagle pack holistic select for giant breed puppy. He had had very similar results as me. Both brands are owned by a parent company called Well Pet. They are more expensive per pound, but my dad buys just about 30# per months, which is just a little more than $40.00 a month. I hope this helps. There are plenty of web sites if you have more questions. Just make sure you know what ingredients are in you pets food, it is especially important for us big guys and gals.
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My mom feeds all of us Canidae. It has no by products or chemicals. Best place to get information is to check out their site for information:

Premium dog food is better than most grocery store dog food. Pet smart and Pet Supermarket only have one or two good brands of dogfood. Always check the rating, ingredients and reviews of all dog foods so you know that we are getting the best nutrition!