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Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 12:45pm PST 
Sorry its been so long since I reported on behalf of all the boxers waiting in California shelters for permenant homes.
Between a sad family event and then company here, I have just not had the energy to form my thoughts into typey words lately.
Hopefully we are settled down now for a few weeks.

I don't know the exact number of boxers added to the list in the last 14 or so days, but my best guess would be about 110.
Once again, they are spread out through the entire state, but with a large concentration in SoCal.
While there have been a few seniors and a couple who need special attention, my overall impression is that most are just good, happy, 4-year-old males.
Lots of optimistic faces looking back at me.

Though today I added Bandit - a young boy in need of some very major medical attention.

A couple of other things...
I'm thrilled that a member of one of the lists has been inspired by this project and wanted to do the same in her town.
I'm helping her along the way and would be happy to help others too.
Las Vegas, Nv now has someone listing shelter boxers!
Check out

Lastly, on my own website,, I've gotten the registration bugs worked out, so if anyone tried to register before and could not, give it a try now. If we can get a networkof boxer lovers and rescuers communicating across the state, maybe we can get some boxers adopted.

So, until Thursday...