Temper - Goodbye Good- Girl

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Barked: Sat Aug 15, '09 5:55pm PST 
Didn't know if I was supposed to introduce our doggies here or myself! Anyway, I already introduced Heidi here, so I'll do the same for Tempie.

Temper got her name when my brother picked her out as a puppy, thinking he would get this tough black dog. What he got was a goofy, funfilled black lab mix, so she never grew into her name - Temper.
Temper was sleek, shiny, fast, and oh so graceful, especially when chasing something. She was so powerful and hit top speeds in a second, turned on a dime. She caught and brought home all kinds of things, almost got two live possum in the house one night. When we moved out to the country she was in H-E-A-V-E-N...except when she was introduced to The Skunk. Got sprayed right in the face, poor thing. She was about 5 when we noticed her front ankle area swollen and she was limping. We were in the middle of making the decision to have Heidi put to sleep due to illness and old age, so we were very heartbroken when we learned Temper had aggressive bone cancer. We new she was healthy otherwise and athletic, it was almost summer, so we decided she would do fine on 3 legs and would at least have the warm months to enjoy herself. The leg was amputated and once that got situated, she started figuring out how to get around. She was doing fantastic until one day her back legs collapsed. It was apparent that something had occurred in the spine area. We started on steroids to decrease swelling but quickly realized that this was a simple injury and Tempie couldn't run, and Tempie was ALL about the running. Too soon after Heidi, we took Tempie in to be put to sleep.

We kept both of their ashes in wooden boxes I decorated with paint, stamps, sickers, their collars and tags. You can see pictures of their box urns on their profiles here on dogster.
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that is so sad im so sorry for your losses : (