New to group... presenting the Queen Bean!


What is yours is- mine.
Barked: Tue Aug 11, '09 12:01pm PST 
Our momswave is swow. She kep dem wittle houns - dem beguls. She nevr had a weal dog til May. I come wiv wif her fwum CBHR. Momma kina stupid waiten so long I tink. But we here now. I sposta onwy wiv wif her for twaining. Not sure why I need twaining. I gwowlie. I no let people take nuthin fwom me or tuch my feets. I no need twanin. Everbody ewse need twanin. To weave me awone when i got sumfin. Momma say I got give stuff to her. I do. I be good dog affer a monf or so. BUT...

She lik me so much she got nudder dog, vitowia. She a foster - not weal like me. I not too happy. I sulk. I twy to eat the wug - tear it up. I eat a box, twy to eat some nails and I dwyer sheet, but momma get em. I snapses at momma. She bweed. I no care. She shunna brot that vitowia home.

She say vitowia need home. Need wuv. That MY wuv! I no share. I da Kween Bean. Dats what dey call me, and da Kween not sposta share wuv. I still sulkin. Think I will sulk til that victowia go way. Hope it soon.

Momma still wuv me ver much. she still scwatch my eaws. She take away all da fun stuff in da howse. She say she not twust me. I not twust her! She take dem nails wuddn lemme eatum. Wuddun lemme eat dwyer sheet eber. She say it poisnus. I no care. I wan eat. She shunna brot vitowia here.

Momma say vitowia very sweet. I sweet! Jus cuz I bites momma don mean I not sweet! But I Kween Bean. She shuda wet me eat dat stuff.

I needs a betta momma. You noze one dat wil wet me eat stuff and not bwing home any udder dogs?

I go sulk now. I get my way. U see.