These dogs have done nothing but have bad owners.

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Barked: Fri Aug 7, '09 6:59am PST 
Also, these dogs have done nothing but having bad owners. The aggression is not actually the breed, but actually the owner behind it. DON'T BAN DOGS, BAN THEIR STUPID OWNERS!

I would like to tell you hundreds of Pit Bulls have been surrendered to the shelter not because of BSL, but because of the owner causing them to be aggressive.

Why adopt a dog if you are gonna abandon it again? Why adopt iit if you are gonna abuse it?

Another story about a Pit Bull that has good owners.

Buster is a 5 month old pit bull that moved away 2 months ago. He knew how to sit, stay, lay, "look both ways" and "are there any cars coming", he could be a seeing eye dog, service dog, and many other things because he was a good dog with a good owner.

Please read this wisely and help stop BSL
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This is very true. This group is here for us to tell of good Pit Bulls or bad ones and the reasons they're bad.
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About 50 % people of this neighborhood have kids and a dog living with them. 30% are people with kids but no dogs. 20% are people with dogs but no kids.

now put the dog population together. 70 % people now have dogs but may or may not have kids. 60% have pit bull types and all of the pit bulls are 'good pit bulls'

and pit bulls aren't even a breed,

Also there was a test showing that the 'pit bull type' actually had higher love and affection then a Golden Retriever, Lab, Lhassa Apso and many other breeds, so why ban an affectionatte dog?

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It is hard to see the reason in this.

Also, hearing of Bruce being secluded in a kennel from this and going through torture made me think...

People that are going to be sentenced to die in the electric chair are treated much better then that!
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I don't know but there is something doggone wrong with these humans
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Going to my group SAVING BRUCE. and posting a pic of your dog with a sign against BSL will be sent to the paws immediately and they'll get to see tons more!