Haha. Silly PETA.


Is your breed- next? Ban BSL.
Barked: Wed Aug 5, '09 10:17pm PST 
big grin


Pure awesomeness.
I wish I could argue with a PETA member!

That would be fun.....
*evil laugh emotion

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Barked: Sat Oct 10, '09 10:17am PST 
if only PETA really did stand for 'ethical treatmeant' of animals this world would be a better place! THE IDEA of this organization is great- but PETA BULLIES MY BREED AND SUPPORTS THE BAN OF BABIES LIKE ME!!! We understand every dog cannot be saved & thank everyone for all they have done to save a furbaby- but please ADOPT AN ANIMAL- pit's overcrowd shelters every day and never get a chance to live life the way a dog should! SORRY PETA- we can't support you if you continue slashing great adoptees from our community! (not just bully breeds either, dont get me wrong!)

Is your breed- next? Ban BSL.
Barked: Mon Dec 21, '09 7:58am PST 
Amen Boo.
Bullies rock! But unfortunately I can't have one because I live in ONSCARIO and there hard to find in shelters. My parents think there would be too many restrictions for them and people who be really rude to us. I'm like, Yes. Yes they will be rude to us. But why should we care if they're idiots?