The Week in Boxers


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Barked: Mon Aug 3, '09 11:16pm PST 
Time again for the weekly synopsis of our beloved Boxe breed waiting in California shelters for permenant homes...
Here's what you can do:
If you're in California, or near its borders, and know someone who is considering adding a boxer to their home, please send them to the website.
I am just sure that even if they are looking at puppies, some of them will not be able to ignore the faces of the young, adult and even senior boxers looking at them and hoping for a happy ending.
A puppy is only a puppy for a short period of time after all....

Perhaps you or someone you know is looking to help in some way but not sure how?
Almost every shelter near you would appreciate a volunteer with a day, a computer and a camera to list their dogs online.
That little once-a-week thing can save lives!

Breeders? Can you add one of the CaliforiaBoxer widgets to your website? You know you may not have a puppy available, or may have people contact you who do not qualify for your dogs, but who might be able to provide a home for a shelter dog.
The more I see these wonderful boxers, the more inspired I am to try and get them in the Public's eye.

This week was good - only 42 Boxers listed. I suspect it would be more if all the shelters out ther had the resources to list their dogs on PetFinder and PetHarbor (that's where you come in you see).
Volunteering is alot like going to the Gym I am finding - you have to find your niche, you have to know what your goals are, and you are surprised by how good and energized you are after you do it.

If anyone has an inclination to get involved, please contact me off list and I will do my best to connect you.
Meanwhile, as always, unless you're breeding to better the Boxer, please spay and neuter your dog,