Rachelle Lefevre getting replaced in Twilight


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Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 4:36pm PST 
You may have heard or not but Rachelle Lefevre or you know her as Victoria is getting replaced in the movie Eclipse starting fliming next month.She is getting replaced by actress Bryce Dallas Howard.If you want to stop the Summit from replacing her sing the petition at the website below.


I think it is wrong for them to replace her what about you?

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Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 5:12pm PST 
Well, it obviously must be for some good reason, because you can't just fire an amazing actor like that!

Maybe somethin came up where she couldn't be in. Who knows.shrug
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Barked: Wed Sep 23, '09 12:03pm PST 
Rachelle backed out of Eclipse due to another commitment. I believe if you look closely at her replacement, you can figure that with make up, in the movie we probably won't be able to tell much difference.

However, Victoria's biggest part is in Eclipse so it is bad break for Rachelle if you ask me!


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Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 4:00pm PST 
Well its her loss! shrug