auto safety harness

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Barked: Sat Jul 25, '09 9:14am PST 
Anybody use one? I need to get one, and would like the best brand.
Odin - SD

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Barked: Sat Jul 25, '09 9:40am PST 
Most popular one I know of is the ruff rider roadie one ( I might have the words out of order)
I have a thing for Odin that I just use to connect his leather harness (Which I personally feel more secure than the nylon) to a seatbelt receptacle.
Anakin, PSD

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Barked: Wed Jul 29, '09 6:59am PST 
The Roadie Ruff Riders are great. I second the choice!


Barked: Thu Aug 13, '09 6:20pm PST 
Mine sounds like Odins. It has a dog clip at one end that attaches to the brass rings on Taser's leather harness and a seatbelt attachment that fits into the seatbelt thingy. It's an adjustable strap made of heavy duty nylon like a leash. I got mine at Canadian Tire. Sorry, I'm Canadian. No idea where you might find one in the States, I had a hard time finding this kind though. I had a pickup so I wanted this type especially not the chest type, it wouldn't work in the back with seatbelts off the floor.
Odin - SD

I've never met a- cheese I didn't- like.
Barked: Sat Aug 15, '09 9:23am PST 
I have this: (remember to watch for random spaces) 023.html

The harness to match it is: html

I usr the top leash/seatbelt thing that I hook onto the back d-ring on Odin's leather harness.

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Barked: Thu Aug 20, '09 12:44pm PST 
Angel uses a body harness, so I bought a 2 dog lead, and attached "D" rings to the ends and fastened them around the fastened seatbelds in the back seat. I also put multipal "D" rings in the center to allow her enough room to sit, and move around as needed. She can look out eather window, and just get her nose between the two front seats. Works great and when I hit the brakes she stays put. I advise getting the heaviest nylon leed, for strength, depending on the size of your dog.
Jake Pogi- CGC

I am an adorable- doodle
Barked: Mon Aug 24, '09 5:04pm PST 
I use the Roadie Elite by Ruff Rider and they give a 15% discount for service dogs but you need to call in your order you cant order online.
Ruby Dust

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Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 5:24pm PST 
Just to let everybody know...the reasons harnesses are so important is because studies have shown that when a car stops suddenly your human can be decapitated by their furry buddies riding in the back seat. ***True Statement***
Scary thought!!!
I weigh approx 65lbs...That’s a quick good-bye.
Doesn't matter what harness you use for us just buckle us up way to go we love you our people and never want to accidentally hurt them.

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Barked: Wed Sep 9, '09 4:37pm PST 
Well fur the car I have a carrier, and I have a headcollar fur walking cause I pull.
Odin - SD

I've never met a- cheese I didn't- like.
Barked: Fri Sep 18, '09 12:10pm PST 
just a caution on the carrier, yes, it stops the dog from flying around the car, but the impact of a collision is pretty high, and can shatter a carrier.
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