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Barked: Fri Jul 24, '09 10:31pm PST 
I know it's not winter yet, but I'm in search of a coat. I have very thin hair because I'm a blue dobe. I was recently adopted and my new mommy wants me to be warm this winter. If you have any suggestions about a good coat I would really appreciate them.
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Barked: Sun Aug 9, '09 4:51am PST 
Hi, Snoopy!

Regular pet stores don't usually carry our size of clothing too frequently, so I'd say the best thing you can do is buy online at an online store or maybe even ebay. There's tons more variety there. big grin

Hope this helps!

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Barked: Fri Aug 21, '09 2:58am PST 
I'm a blue dobie too. We found this online - I can't say I've used it, but it looks pretty cute.

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