The allure of the White Shepherd


Smiley McGiggle- Pants!
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 2:27pm PST 
Hi guys! I wrote about this in my blog, but I thought I'd get a better response here, I'm taking a poll...

See, people LOVE me. I'm a people MAGNET. They ooh and aah and go out of their way to come look at me. So what is it? I'm sweet, I'm a little shy... Mom says the most popular color of car is white. Is it because I'm white? Is it my smile? Each White Shepherd is a little different, but all are so beautiful. Is it our aura? Are we as rare as people think? What is it that makes people so mesmerized by us? What do you think? dancing

Please throw the- ball
Barked: Tue Aug 25, '09 4:44am PST 
Hey Joey from one people magnet to another. We are the most beautiful dogs out there. blue dog and my mom says nothing will ever love you as much as a german shepherd, and we are very inteligent. What else could you want in a dog. Ok, I get cute. People also like cute and sweet, etc. That's why I live with a golden retriever and a terrier mix. However, I am the most hadsome one in my family.
Ch Evgeni- (Geno), CGC,- TDI

Big G
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 4:51am PST 
We are beautiful stunning dogs! dog


I AM a Frosty- Paw!!
Barked: Tue May 4, '10 2:48pm PST 
I think it's because of our huge WGSD smiles. I mean, look at us!! All of us have huge grins on our faces. We are such happy dogs and we love to smile!! Who can't resist that??!! BOL!!!

Get CRAZY!!!
Barked: Sun Sep 26, '10 1:52am PST 
Maybe it's our big ears? My human always talks about them.