Please say a prayer for our foster sister, Kia!

Davey Dog

I'm on a mission- from God.
Barked: Mon Jul 6, '09 4:36pm PST 
Our foster sister, Kia, has been doing great with her furever family, getting love, attention, and training. However, they just found a lump under Kia's tail. The lump is going to be removed tomorrow, July 7th, and sent in for analysis. If it is cancerous, her tail may be removed.

Kia and her family could sure use the prayers and power of paws from the Dogster community. Kia was rescued from dire circumstances, and was nursed through severe health issues in foster care, to get to be adopted to her loving furever home. If ever a pup deserved a break... Kia does!

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Thanks, pups! xox from Davey and Teddy