Bored Jack...any suggestions?


Wanna wrestle?
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 11:54am PST 
My mom needs some help, guys. I've been really bored lately, so I've been tunnelling under the fence and running off. I've done it five or six times in the last two months. I just don't have many toys to play with.

I love to rip up stuffed toys or anything that is soft plastic- it's all gone in less than 10 minutes. My sister ate the top off of my black Kong, so no more of those. I don't like tug or fetch. I know where the laser pointer comes from. Any toy with appendenges loses them within seconds. I don't like rubber toys, apparently. Mom found these little dental bones, but I'm sick of those. It's been over 100 degrees everyday or she'd take me and my sister for walks. Luckily I'm not destructive!

Please give us suggestions. I'm so bored and Mom's worried about me. She's working on filling the holes I've dug. Thanks!

Jack Jack Don't- Talk Smack
Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 6:32am PST 
My mom bought some climbing rope and cut it up into smaller pieces to make me some toys. (Climbing rope has a VERY strong core...much better than the dog toys at the store.) My favorite one has a knot at one end, is braided in the middle, and a big knot at the other end. I like to wrestle with this rope, fetch it, and play tug-of-war. My mom always laughs when I pick it up and throw it in the air.

My mom also suggested that your mom could bury stuff in the yard specifically for you to that your digging has a purpose and doesn't lead to you leaving the yard. Doesn't help the grass grow much, but gives me great pleasure!

her name says it- all! aka- MamaDog
Barked: Mon Oct 26, '09 1:41pm PST 
My dad takes me where I can go for a swim. That uses a lot of my energy up! I sleep so good on those nights! way to go