Tri-pod Min Pin. Training Questions!!

Saving Grace- (Gracye)

Attention hound- to the Max!!
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 11:25pm PST 
Hi everybody! This is Gracye & I am a Service Dog (Seizure Alert) and a Therapy Dog. My mom also runs an all breed rescue, but we just got in a 13 week old Tripod Min Pin. He lost his right front leg and his owners wanted to put him down because they didn't want a 3 legged dog! He can already outrun me and he only had the surgery a few weeks ago! He is still a little scared of the stairs, but getting there! Anyway, my mom is considering keeping him and making him a Therapy Dog He has an extremely calm demeanor for a Min Pin! Mom is a soldier and we go to Bethesda and Walter Reed Army hospitals al the time to visit and for the soldiers who have lost limbs he would be a great source of comfort. However, my mom has ever had a Tripod and isn't sure on how to train him...should she train him like every other dog or is there something she should do differently or a book on the subject?? Would he be able to pass cert?? Thanks in advance for the advice!!