My Story by Rowdy Chance


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It all began on a cold December morning when my littermates and I were found abandoned. I was malnutritioned and had a skin infection and lost all my hair. I was a little tiny guy with big ears and big head. When my mama saw me she laughed so hard. She thought I looked like a little donkey. Mama said I was the happiest "springy" little guy she'd ever seen and instantly fell in love; and I fell in love with her. Mama knew I needed a special name and, after running all ofur Petco, barkin and hoppin and running under the shelvings without needing to duck, Mama called me Rowdy--and a rowdy little handful I've been efur since! BOL

As soon as I got to my furefur home, I was home. I loved all the other furbabies here and knew this was the place fur me. I wasn't shy at all but when sniffin and "springin" all over and barking. All the other furbabies just looked at me, but I knew they would fall in love with me too. Chloe became my protector--after awhile--but it didn't take too long.

Mama took me to the vet the next day and I weighed only 3 1/2lbs and had to start on medicines fur my skin infections. Mama had to water down wet food to get me eating at first. But it didn't take long befur I was eating good. Things were fine as I grew, but efurry now and again the Mama noticed I looked sad. One day I was limping. We went to the vet and she gave me some medicine and in a week I was better. Then things started happening with my back. I started yelping a lot and mama just could tell where I was hurting. It got worse ofur the next few days, so back to the vet I went. I was on steroids and bed rest for 10 days and then I was all better.

Just befur Easter '09, Mama noticed my ears down a lot. But I wasn't limping or yelping. Then just after Easter, she knew my back was hurting. We tried the pain relievers, but then I started walking funny. Back to the vet again--this time we had an xray done and we could see my back wasn't right. I also had an extra vertabrae with little rib like bones that aren't big enough to be called ribs.

The vet put me back on steroids and suggested surgery. We called the surgeon she suggested, but he wouldn't take the care credit, so we had to wait until the vet opened again to see who else we should see. But then--I tried to chase the kitty and I let out some earpiercing screems. Mama came running and just held me. I tried to go get on Mama's bed, but I couldn't use my backend or legs.

Mama and Auntie rushed me to UCDavis--suggested by a sweet fur here. So we called them and we were on our way. They said if I was to have a chance at 90-100% recovery I had to have the surgery right then--so that's what we did. Mama got me cuz she needed me after losing her other furbabies in a fire--she couldn't lose me--I was just too special (Chance was one of her furbabies she lost). Our special furends Sausage, Meatball & Max had already known we'd need help and thanks to them helping us--here we are. We love them so.

I'm doing better efurry day, but I still have a long ways to go. I'm just so happy to be alive that even if I gotta put up with my back legs not always working perfect--it's okay cuz the mama loves me just the way I am and I love my furmily and my life. I don't like being penned in, but I got the mama's number and I get out a lot --well in the house-- mama says we gotta take it slow. But I be happy and still "springy" and I can still make the mama smile! cloud 9
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Dear Rowdy, Thank you for telling all of us your story and for tellin it so very well. You are a good guy. We are all happy to help you out and will do our best. Mama and I are sorry we are not so good with on line auctions, raffles and such but we will do what we can.
Right now we are trying to send our friends here to read your life story. You are so brave. So is your mom. Take care of yourself.
You need to be very careful of your back. My fur sis, Elsa had a very bad back and this was what made her go to the bridge. At 15 Elsa was healthy except for her back. This made her unable to walk right and caused all kinds of complications for her. Rest up, you hear me??dogdogdog
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hug Oh, little Rowdy! We wish we had more time to help with the fundraising. We did a small donation at your Chip-In site and we'll be woofing out to our pals and sending furs here to join in and help.

You mind your momma and be a good little pup! No chasing the kitty - at least fur awhile!wink Meanwhile, we are keeping you close in our hearts and our pawrayers.


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LOVE you Rowdy, Chloe, Elvis, Purrscilla, Lisa Marie, and "The Mama"! cloud 9