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Life is a- B-A-L-L, throw- it!!
Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 10:44pm PST 
cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer

Please stop in and introduce yourself. Feel free to share your experiences with digital graphic design and what you hope to learn, share, enjoy making digital gifts!

cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer

My name is Sparky. Ted used to love me tons when he was a boy. He's learned how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, but trusth be told he's not much of an original artist.
Lucy, Pretty- Lil' Angel

Swallowed a- Whistle

Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 11:58pm PST 
waveWelcome everyfur!

cheercheercheercheercheerLooking forward to sniffin' out the digital gifts!cheercheercheercheercheer

Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 1:12pm PST 
Yippee!!! I'm here, and looking forward to learninghappy dance

St Nickolas

Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 2:42pm PST 
applauseThank you for such a good idea of a group. I hope I can learn some cool things i'm excited to get started.

I hope you don't mind working with a beginner? who gets stumfed a lot. shrug

Tabby- 'Tude
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 3:54pm PST 

We're very excited to be here ... mom has a lot of experience using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 6 and very little experience with Photoshop Elements 6 - she REALLY wants to get proficient using Photoshop .. and we can't wait to learn whatever you can all teach us!

Maggie ~ Aggie ~ Ralphie

Kissyface- ATTACK!
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 5:43pm PST 
This will be a great opportunity for the newer image makers to learn a bit more about professional graphic design. If layered images are a new concept to you check out the links in the Group Link about making layered images. It's really easy once you get the concept of it and makes it so much easier to do so much more.
Zoe Weekley

I've Got- Sunshine...On A- Cloudy Day!
Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 9:56am PST 
WUHUUU! I'm a digital scrapbook designer...I can't wait to learn this! smile
Osiris ~- Rainbow- Bridge Nile

Be the shining- light you are!
Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 7:48am PST 
Hi everyone! Oh hey Maggie!!!! wave imagine seeing mew here!

I'm helping my Guardian with creative projects and we've taught ourselves some basics using Jasc Paint Shop Pro. We have lots to learn and look furward to all of your tips and advice.
Wolfgang aka- Wolfie

Love & Protect
Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 1:14pm PST 
wavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave Hi

We're a pack of 9 and just got Paint Shop Pro. We're beginners and are eager to learn how to use it.

i'm a- rottwaawaa, look- out!
Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 10:27pm PST 
wavewave Toy here! I am a rotwawa and my typest just wants to learn! Poor dear she tries but just doesn't know much so please be patient wif her !!!!snoopysnoopy
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