Over-Excited Dog


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Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 1:39pm PST 
My dog is a 6 mo. old mini-schnauzer mix, and while she's quiet and calm in the house (indeed, never a bark), she gets hyper-excited when around other dogs or their smell (she goes bonkers at PetSmart, for example).

She also gets really excited when she sees another dog. She wants to immediately rush over and play with the new dog rambuciously. if she can't, she starts barking and won't stop.

This last part if the key area of concern, because it makes it very difficult to have her anywhere near another dog, and you can forget group obedience classes.

While I can reward her staying quiet by letting her play with the other dog, assuming the owner is OK with it - it's simply not practical to let her immediately run over and play with the other dog in most cases (esp. with a strange dog or a nervous owner).

I really don't know how to handle this behavior issue.

If we're walking, I hustle her away from the stimulus before she can get too excited.

But - what I really need is to train her to calmly see and approach another dog without all the hyper excitement and jumping/romping/barking, and also be able to be in the presence of new dogs without going bonkers to get to them, so that we can actually take proper obedience classes.

Any ideas?

I've floated ideas by at least two trainers, and both suggestions didn't address my issue.

One wanted me to keep popping special treats at her to keep her calm during the class (I suppose this might be a short term fix, as long as it buys enough time to allow training to correct the underlying behavior). Another wanted me to reward her for staying silent, by letting her play with the other dog - but, again - going over and playing as a reward isn't usually practical or possible.

Was hoping other folks with this common issue could tell me how they were able to resolve this behavior problem.