Drop Off Spot for Tag Facts


Shadow- a.k.a.
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 5:11pm PST 
My Seven things are:

1.)I love greenies and peanut butter.
2.)I am afraid of water (which is surprising since I'm a retriever).
3.)I am very protective of my special treats, like busy bones (YUM-O)
4.)My mom bought me from an Amish Farm in Lancaster, PA.
5.)I had a small part of my tail where fur wouldn't grow when I was a puppy, which was why I was the last puppy left. frown But don't worry- my tail is fine now and I have a VERY loving family. smile
6.)I've NEVER been to Petsmart, but my mommy shops there all of the time for me.
7.)My birthday is on June 9th! (Only 2 more days!)
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