Overdossed at Banfield and injuried and Petsmart grooming


Fur Ball
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 2:49pm PST 
When my dog was a puppy weighing about 3 lbs. she was given antibiotics for a large breed dog at Banfield Animal Clinic attached to Petsmart. I told the vet the next morning, she was puking and the tablets were too large for her to swallow. Only help I got was a positive reply to my suggestion to cut the tablets in half. The Vet had no ideas on her own.

It took 2 days and a nurse to figure out I was given the wrong medicine. I had some less then nice words to say, and we were told not to come back. They attempted to hide their error on the medical records, but they missed the nurse's note of the phone call in small print on the bottom of the page. All the other records that had to do with those dates were not included in the packet of medical records they sent me. Thankfully, Banfield customer service representative was understanding and immediately let us out of our contract. We never been to that Petsmart again.

My shih tzu's have been going to the same groomer at a different Petsmart since they were puppies. The groomer is experienced, loving and kind, but interrupted all the time. Recently, my dog had her eye injured while being groomed at Petsmart. No one knows what happened to her eye except that the veterinarian specialist said it was due to eye trauma.

Now I sit here nursing my beautiful little dog and praying she is not blind in that eye and her tear duct works properly after this, while I wait to find out if Petsmart is going to assume responsibility.

Please everyone who reads this post tell everyone beware of Petsmart and Banfield. Especially Banfield, they said her eye problem was from from stress. Good thing the Banfield Vet was smart enough to send me to a specialist who knew what it was and saved the eye. The specialst took one look at the eye and said it was from trauma to the eye.

Barked: Fri Jul 16, '10 3:49am PST 
I also have had problems with Petsmart Grooming. I have a Chihuahua, so its not a job that would take very long. He was going in for a bath and brush. When I picked him up he has no the same as when I dropped him off. He was very clingy and trembling....not at all like my baby!
I called and make a complaint with them, and they said the would review the tapes. TAPES???? They record what goes on there. SO I myself was interested in seeing the tape....Oh I was told only managers and the groomers could it. Manager does come out and says well apparently at one time in the video the groomer does strike or smack him in the sink. So I was not happy not one bit! This is my baby they are messing with! SO a month goes by a get a phone call from the manager, they wanted to give me free grooming services for a year to help out . Basically I told them to kiss my rear! I did end up at another Petsmart across town. We scoped it out really good, so we gave it another chance.....BAD IDEA! I pick him up he looks so scared and happy mama there. He has a Petsmat bandanna on..too cute! I get home and at bedtime I took his bandanna off, there is a deep patch of fur missing.....Strange he was only getting a bath and brush! There should have not been any clippers around him. This area of the missing fur feels FUNNY I look and he is gouged down to the skin and too this day still have a divot in his skin. Its kinda like a soft spot on a babies head, but his is on his back close to the shoulder blade. The lady tried to hide it with putting the bandanna on him. The fur grew back, and you cant see the divot until you pet him. Its not sore for him.
So needless to say...we do baths at home now. Baby Girl has never been in a Petsmart and never will.