Fortnately and Unfortunately Game!!


Can you scratch- my back, please?
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 12:05pm PST 
This is a pretty fun and simple game.

Here's how it works...
The first poster starts with a sentence. They make there sentence a "fortunately" sentence, meaning it's a good thing. The second poster continues the story with an "unfortunately" sentence, a not so good thing.

1st Poster: Fortunately I went to the park today.
2nd Poster: Unfortunately it was full of puddles because it was raining earlier.

Then the third poster would post another "fortunately" sentence that still continues the story. Etc..etc..etc...

I hope that made sense laugh out loud

I'll Start,

Fortunately, I got a bigger breakfast then usual. big grin

(Then the next poster says something unfortunate that happened after.)