Any fun events you'd like to share?


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Barked: Sat May 23, '09 7:50pm PST 
snoopy I was in a parade today. It was called the Young at Heart Parade in Loves Park, IL. Ruby and I were tethered together and I pulled Momma and her all over the place. I love working the crowd! It was a new place and I was so Excited. Has anyone else been in events like this?
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Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 4:25pm PST 
Duke and I went to a baseball game on Sunday. It was a local one but it was a lot of fun. It was very hot but all of a sudden there was a downpour. Then the day was much more comfortable.happy dance

Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 4:30pm PST 
Yeah, and I got hit by a rogue baseball in the rumpeek...can we all say ow! I didn't say a word or a wimper I just turned around with my ears down all sad like, "What did I do to deserve this? I thought I was being good." No one laughed at me, but some people felt sorry for me.
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Who says dogs- aren't people- too?
Barked: Sun Jan 24, '10 5:52pm PST 
We went to a mushing event a couple weeks ago...but we were kicked out because we weren't huskies...of all the obserd things.
Don't they know that any dog can be a sled dog???
It was runned by the Greater Chicago Siberian Husky Club. We didn't know this or that we were not alowed when we left for the event. We were told it was an event called Musher Mania and there was a sled dog race. We wanted to try to sign up for the race even though we would have come in dead last for sure.
We are very new at Mushing. We've been training with bikes and roller blades for 2 years...well Momma and I have been - Duke for 1 year, but we just got our first Dog Sled this Winter.
Maybe the next event will be less bias!

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 9:36pm PST 
Fun is good.
Our biggest fun is trying to catch prey.
So, all my sisters and brother hunt for birds and I decided to join them.
Of course me, being so small - I always stayed behind, but then I decided to do it on my own. So, I waited out until a big dove settled on a ground. I stalked and stalked and when I was close to the dove - I made a short run. I touched that dove with my claws! Cos see, I'm about only twice the size of the dove - it still got up, but didn't go far - I think I gave it a shock. I was coming closer again, when my bro and sisters saw it and they all came stalking my dove.
You know what happens when five rookies go for the same prey - dove got away.
But anyways, that was fun and it gave me more confidence.cheercheer

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Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 8:30am PST 
Sounds like you had lots of fun on that day!
It's fun even when all the rookies kill your shot at your first prey. That was very good practice though. I'm glad your confidence is on the rise!